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Trust/IOLTA Reconciliations

The most important aspect of a trust account is that funds held in the account do not belong to the attorney – they belong to the client. The implications of this fact, and the ensuing accounting

treatment can be tricky, and many small firms are out of compliance with their State Bar's

accounting requirements without knowing it. We can review and, if necessary, cleanup and manage your client trust account.

We have found that many small law practices have the right personnel to handle the trust accounting in-house. That is, they have a staff member who is intelligent, trustworthy, and is familiar with the firm’s client matters. What this person lacks, however, is the accounting background and knowledge to properly handle the trust accounting.

We can create easy-to-follow trust accounting procedures, train your staff, and leave behind detailed instructions. Your staff will learn how to properly handle retainer deposits, pay third parties from the trust account, and pay the firm for advanced client costs and legal fees.

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