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Interim Billing & eBilling Services

Many law firms rely heavily on one or two people, whose responsibility it is to handle the billing process.  When they are overwhelmed with work, out sick, have other conflicts or have simply left the firm, client billing can be significantly delayed.  That's when it comes in handy to have someone to call who has an in-depth understanding of both law firm billing and your software.  We can step into the breach and help your firm by providing any or all of the following interim services:

  • Preparation of pre-bills (drafts)

  • Editing of pre-bills

  • Completion of contingency and flat fee client procedures

  • Entry of client payments and verification of deposit slip entries

  • Preparation of final client billing

  • Preparation and submission of eBills to various eBill administrators

  • Processing of accounts receivable

  • Processing of write-offs, write-ups and write-downs

  • Maintenance of other billing system processes/month-end closing

  • Preparation of management reports and/or custom reports

  • Verification of proper system backups and disaster recovery options

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