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Pricing - Outsourced 

Normally the cost of our services differ from one client to another and depend on the amount of work to be provided, the details and complexity of the work and whether it's on-going or short term.  If you're interested in outsourcing your back-office, please call for a free evaluation and quote. For purely interim services, we've put together a simple pricing schedule, below, so that you can anticipate the cost.

Pricing - Interim

All services are charged per hour, not per timekeeper, with a $250 monthly minimum.  The monthly minimum covers the first 2 hours of each month and is due in advance.  All hours over the first 2 are charged at $95 per hour. 


For the first 90 days, new clients are expected to submit and maintain a $500 retainer in addition to the monthly minimum. After 90 days, for clients whose work continues, the retainer will be applied to their monthly billing.  If services are terminated prior to 90 days, the retainer will be applied to the then outstanding balance and the remainder will be refunded.

Any consulting services beyond billing, bookkeeping and accounting are billed at $125.00 per hour. 

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